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Scotty, Tamar, Ellis and Betsy racing.  Photo taken by Carl White

Scotty, Tamar, Ellis and Betsy racing.  Photo by Carl White. 

Scotty, Tamar and Ellis Racing.  Photo by Carl White 

December 2006 during a snow storm.  I think the Newfie pups think they are Borzoi

December 2006 - From left to right - Lizzy (the newf that thinks she's a Borzoi); Gabe; Molly (newf out front) and Betsy (in back right)

December 2006 - Gabe, Betsy and Lizzy

Gabe, Lizzy, Joe, Molly and Betsy during a snow storm in December 2006

Yes - it was really hard convincing all of the puppies to stay in the wagon all at the same time!!

CH JCEA's Blue Ribbon, CGC at two years old.  Blue is a litter mate to Kitty.

Shannon and Jacob hugging Blue during a break at the fair.  All three of the 9 month old Newfs had a blast at their first competition 

Jeffrey at the Omaha, Nebraska show on November 20, 2004

Jeffrey was in charge of the hospitality cart at the Omaha show in November 2004!

Jeffrey, Shannon and Gary visiting the Douglas County Fair for competition

Gary with Tamar dressed as a Bumble Bee and Shannon with Blue dressed as a Clown at the Cass County Fair

Shannon wins Grand Champion with Blue in Obedience

Tamar and Rocket enjoying a romp in the snow

Gary convincing Piper to "shake hands" during 4-H competition in 2002.  Piper went to live with the Stellato family the beginning of 2003.

Shannon takes Reserve Champion with Blue in Agility

Jacob resting during the 4-H competition

Jeffrey competing in 2002 with Ladybug in 4-H Showmanship

Jeffrey competing in 4-H showmanship with Tamar

As you can see, finding "couch space" in our home is always a challenge.  We joked that when we bought the two couches for the living room that one was for us and one was for the dogs - they ended up taking both couches over!!

Even visiting dogs, such as my parents Boston Terrier "Emmy", make themselves at home around here.

Jeffrey with a "little" Rocket

Jeffrey and Ladybug.  Lady is currently residing in Minnesota on a farm with a Minister and his wife.  Lady often attends the youth group functions and even helps wrap Christmas presents for their fundraiser at the mall!

Jacob playing soccer with Rocket