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3-14-14   Ruby has passed all of her OFA Health Testing, and has been issued a CHIC # by OFA.  Her results can be seen on the OFA site at http://www.offa.org/results.html?all=BRASSGATE%27S+RUBY+AT+JEDAWN   Her DM test isn't listed yet, however I received her certificate in the mail and she is DM Clear.  Ruby also has Full Dentition scissors bite.

11-18-12  Ruby (SBOS CH Brassgate's Ruby At Jedawn) finished off her incredible weekend with a Group 3 under Judge Eugene Blake!!  There were many top hounds in the group, so this was a very nice win!!

11-18-12  Ruby (Brassgate's Ruby At Jedawn) went WB/BOW/BOB over specials for another major to finish her Championship!!  She is now SBOS CH Brassgate's Ruby At Jedawn!  Ruby was owner handled by my daughter Shannon! 

Ruby at the Omaha show 2012

11-18-12  Saint (Horse and Hound St Malo At Jedawn) went WD/BOS over specials for a major during a Specialty weekend!!

11-17-12  Ruby (Brassgate's Ruby At Jedawn) goes WB/BOW and 1/2 sister Rachel goes BOS for more Grand Championship points!

11-16-12  At the Specialty, Ruby (Brassgate's Ruby At Jedawn) goes WB/BOW/BOS over specials for a 5 point major!!  Rachel was awarded Select Bitch for a 4 point Grand Championship major!  

11-16-12  At the Specialty, Saint (Horse and Hound St Malo At Jedawn) went RWD against some very nice competition!

11-16-12  Rachel goes Best of Breed over a huge entry of dogs and bitches during a Specialty Weekend for a 5 point Grand Championship Major!

Rachel in the breed ring at the Omaha Show 2012 

11-15-12  Rachel (Horse and Hound Picardie At Jedawn) goes WB/BOW for her 3rd major to finish at the Nebraska Kennel Club show!

October 4,5,6 & 7th  Rachel (Horse and Hound Picardie At Jedawn) goes WB/BW all 4 days for a total of 10 points including both majors!  Only 2 more points to go for her championship!

11-4-12  Lucy finished her ASFA Field Championship!  She is now FC Jedawn's Show Girl, SC, FCh, SGRC

5-26-12 Lucy (FC Jedawn's Show Girl, SC, SGRC) went to the ASFA II and tied for 1st place on Saturday (going 2nd after a run off) and she also placed 2nd on Sunday.  There was a really nice Borzoi entry and she also received 48 more points towards her ASFA Field Championship!  Only 13 more points to go!  See her page for some really nice coursing photo's of her. 

4-12  Tamar (BIF CH Jubilee's Heavenly Creation, SC, FCh, SGRC, CGC) went to a dog show in Grand Island, NE at 11 years old.  Not only did she go Best of Breed both days over a top Special, but she brought home a Group 2 on Saturday!!  Pictures to come! 

1-8-12  Danika (GCH Jedawn's Princess Aurora, SC, FCh, NA) finished her Grand Championship in style with 6 majors!!  Congratulations to her owner Leslie Walenta, who finished two champions this weekend!

1-7-12  Daria (CH Jedawn's Show Them No Mercy, SC) finishes her AKC Championship!  Daria is owned and loved by Leslie Walenta.

12-27-11  Lucy is currently the #2 AKC Lure Coursing Borzoi and #4 LGRA Straight Racing Borzoi in the Nation!  We weren't able to attend a lot of trials due to a hip replacement the beginning of the year, and a knee replacement the beginning of November, but she still managed to achieve Top 10 status in both sports.  We are so proud of our fast sweet girl!  

Lucy coursing!

12-3-11 & 12-4-11  Lucy (FC Jedawn's Show Girl, SC, GRC) did it!!  We went to the AKC National Lure Coursing Championship on December 3rd and 4th where Lucy went Best of Breed on Sunday!  She then went on to win Best of the Best of the Best of Breeds in a run off between Saturday's Best of Breed winner and the next highest scoring hound!  Lucy took home the BIG Bronze Borzoi Perpetual Trophy for the year, where her name will be forever engraved on it as the winner for 2011.  She was also the highest combined score (Saturday and Sunday) for Borzoi.  We are so proud of our girl!   The icing on the cake though, was that we also won Breeder Stakes for both days, as 1/2 sisters Lucy and Danika combined their scores together for Jedawn Kennels!

Lucy's Bronze Perpetual trophy for winning Best of Breed and Best of the Best of Breeds at the AKC National Lure Coursing Championship for 2011.  Her name will be engraved on it as the winner for 2011!

10-29-11  Lucy is now FC Jedawn's Show Girl SC, GRC  She finished her AKC Lure Coursing Championship with FOUR majors (a 5 point major, two 4 point majors and a 3 point major!   This was her second championship this month!  I'm so proud of this girl!!

10-15-11  Lucy (Jedawn's Show Girl SC, GRC) finished her racing championship today!!

10-11  Danika (Jedawn's Princess Aurora, SC, FCh, NA) finished her Novice Agility Title!  She is owned by Leslie Walenta!

6-18-11  Danika finishes her breed championship and is now CH Jedawn's Princess Aurora, SC, FCh, CGC!!  A big thank you to her owner Leslie Walenta and Charlotte and Rachel Hunt!!

6-4-11  Lucy (Jedawn's Show Girl, SC) gets her 3rd AKC coursing major in Arkansas this time!  She now only needs 2 more points to finish her AKC Field Championship!!

5-8-11  Lucy (Jedawn's Show Girl) goes AKC lure coursing and wins a 5 point major and BOB!!  She is also major pointed in the show ring her first and only time at a all breed show, and is only 1 point away from her racing championship!!  We have high hopes for this little 20 month old girl!

Pictures to come soon from the Nationals!

We had a avery amazing 2011 Borzoi National Specialty starting on Monday with Spectre going 2nd out of 22 very fast dogs racing.  He wasn't giving up the 1st place easy, as he tied for 1st in the first race, tied for 1st in the second race and got beat by a nose in the 3rd race.  It was a very close race, and I'm very proud of my boy.  His mother Tamar, won her LGRA competition back in 2004 out of 50 running!

Next was Futurity.  Mick won his very nice class with Lucy and Daria placing 3rd and 4th in their classes.  Mick, Lucy and Daria are out of Scotty and Tamar.  Next was Chartes, a son out of Scotty x Val owned and bred by Pam Buffington placing 3rd in his large futurity class.    The Scotty x Val kids also domintated the 9-12 month HUGE girls futurity class with Marilyn owned by Pam Buffington going 1st, Rachel owned by Glenda Wild and myself going 2nd and Jolie owned by Karin Johnson going 4th!!

Mick winning his Futurity class at the National Specialty

A very bald Lucy winning 3rd in her Futurity Class at the Nationals

In 9-12 month puppy sweeps (18 were shown) Saint (a Scotty x Val son) owned by Glenda Wild and myself won his very competitive class with brother Chartes owned by Pam Buffington coming in 4th place.  In the girls, sister Rachel owned by Glenda Wild and myself won her very competitive class out of 15 shown!  She then went on to win Best in Sweepstakes out of about 100 puppies!!

Saint winning his 9-12 month puppy sweeps class at the Nationals

Saint placing 3rd in his large 9-12 month puppy class

Rachel going Best In Sweeps at the National Specialty!

Rachel winning her 9-12 month sweeps class at the National


In regular classes Saint (Scotty x Val) owned by Glenda Wild and myself got 3rd place out of 16 shown in the 9-12 month puppy class.  In the girls 9-12 month puppy class Marilyn (Scotty x Val) owned by Pam Buffington won her class with sister Jolie owned by Karin Johnson taking 3rd place.  Marilyn went on to win Best Puppy at the National!!  Belle (Scotty x Betsy) made the cut in a very tough bred by class (owned by Jeff, Shannon and I) and 2 yr old Ruby (Scotty x Endora) placed 4th in a very large and competitive open bitch class!!

Ruby placing 4th in her very large and compeitive open bitch class at the National Specialty!

My 10 year old girl Tamar won her very nice 10 yr and older Veteran Sweeps class and went on to make a cut in the Best of Breed bitches.  She had so much fun that I might take her back out for her grand championship.  Pictures to come soon!

1-28-11 Jolie, Horse and Hound Bretagne at Scheremetjew goes WB/BOW/BOS for her first point at 6 months old under Breeder Judge Jane Bishop!  Jolie is a Scotty (CH Sylvan Scotch And Soda, SGRC2) and Val (CH Kansai'z Ride Of The Valkyrie) daughter.  She followed up the next day with another point by going WB and BOS over two adult females under breeder judge Fred Vogel!!  Her show career is off to a wonderful start.  She is owned and loved by Karin Johnson!

Jolie at 6 months old.  She is a Scotty x Val daughter

1-22-11   Saint, Horse and Hound St Malo At Jedawn went to his first show and won Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 2 points!!  Saint is out of Scotty (CH Sylvan Scotch And Soda, SC, SGRC2) and Val (CH Kansai'z Ride of the Valkyrie).  Saint is a very solid and athletic boy weighing in at 72 lbs at 6 months old.

Saint at 6 months old  He is a Scotty x Val son

1-22-11   Rachel - Horse and Hound Picarde At Jedawn goes to her first show at 6 months old.  She came away with a very nice RWB in some tough competition!  Rachel is out of Scotty (CH Sylvan Scotch And Soda, SC, SGRC2) and Val (CH Kansai'z Ride of the Valkyrie).  Rachel is a very solid and athletic girl weighing in at 60 lbs at 6 months old.

Rachel at 6 months old  She is a Scotty x Val daughter

Rachel and Saint hanging out at the dog show!

Saint and Rachel playing outside

1-9-11   Cindy, Jedawn's Princess Cinderella wins a 4 point major out of 18 bitches shown in Palm Springs, CA under breeder judge Shirley McFadden!!  Congratulations to her owner Betty De La Rosa!!

Cindy Stacked   She is a Scotty x Betsy daughter

Cindy moving

1-9-11   Danika, Jedawn's Princess Aurora, SC, FCh, wins a 4 point major in Glen Rose, TX.  Huge Congratulations to her owner Leslie Walenta!!   Her win picture is coming!  Here is a coursing picture of her

Danika Coursing

11-21-10  Belle, Jedawn's Princess Belle wins a 3 point major, BOW and BOB over a nice dog special at the Council Bluffs KC show.

Belle at 24 months.  She is a Scotty x Betsy Daughter

11-20-10  Lucy, Jedawn's Show Girl goes to her very first show and was entered for Saturday only.  She won the major in bitches, went BOW and BOB!!  Not bad for her first time in the ring!!  She has also been racing one weekend, and is also pointed towards her racing championship.  Lucy is a Scotty x Tamar daughter.

This is an older picture of Lucy with coat.  I will try to get an updated photo posted soon.

10-24-10 Disney, Jedawn's Prince Charming goes WD/BOW all four days at the Cornhusker KC/Platte Valley shows and then goes BOB over special the last three days!!  Disney also followed up with a very nice Group 2 win from the classes!! 

Disney at 23 months old  He is a Scotty x Betsy son

Disney winning Group 2!

7-10 Teller, Jedawn's Show And Tell wins a very nice Best In Sweeps win at the Omaha, NE TSE under judge Anne Midgarden.  He also placed 2nd in his large bred by class both days at only 10 months old!

Teller at 10 months old   He is a Scotty x Tamar son.

2-27 and 2-28   Danika (Jedawn's Princess Aurora) goes to her first ASFA trial and earns both of her 1st placements and BOB both days!!  Congratulations to her owner Leslie Walenta!!


2-20 and 2-21  Belle goes WB and BOW at the Cyclone KC shows in Des Moines, IA for another 3 points!

1-2010  At the Des Moines KC shows Ruby (Brassgate's Ruby at Jedawn) goes WB/BOS for 2 points while her 1/2 brother Disney (Jedawn's Prince Charming) goes WD/BOW/BOB for 2 points!!

In LGRA for 2009 Spectre "Jedawn The Spectre Of Kyrov SGRC"  finished #2 Breed and #7 All Breed out of 178 Borzoi running.  His littermate Merlin "FC Jedawn's Quicksilver Riverrun Of Valinor GRC" finished in a tie for 8/9 and another littermate Flash "CH Jedawn's The Flash Of Wwild GRC"  finished in a 3 way tie for 18/19/20 in very limited running!   Congratulations to all the owners who have put conformation points and championships, AKC FC titles and ASFA field championship points, and racing titles on these guys!!  What a year!!

11-09  Jedawn's Princess Belle tries LGRA and does very well earning 2 1/2 points in 2 days!! 

11-09  Ruby - Brassgate's Ruby At Jedawn went racing and earned 4 1/2 points over a few trials!! 

11-09  Jedawn's Princess Aurora At Val-Thor, JC gets her JC title!! 

11-09  Jedawn's Princess Aurora gets her first leg on her JC the day of her first birthday!!

Out of 7 bitches shown at the Council Bluffs KC shows in November Belle (Jedawn's Princess Belle) wins one day for two points, while her 1/2 sister Ruby (Brassgate's Ruby at Jedawn) wins the other day for 2 points.   

11-09 Flash (Jedawn's The Flash of Wwild) Another Tamar x Glaze son earns his racing title - he is the 3rd from the litter to accomplish this!!  Thanks to his owner Glenda Wild!

11-09  Spectre (Jedawn The Spectre of Kyrov) earns his SGRC Racing title!!

10-09  Merlin (FC Jedawn's Quicksilver RiverRun of Valinor, GRC earns his racing title and his AKC Field Championship title with 3 majors - the last being a 5 point major!!  Thanks go to his owner Karla Smith for letting him achieve all of his accomplishments!!

9-5-09  Flash is now Champion Jedawn's The Flash Of WWild.  Even though he only needed one point to finish (he already has 3 majors),  he finished his championship in style by going Winners Dog/Best Of Winners and Best of Breed!!  He was moved up as a special the next day and won Best of Breed again!!

Flash going BOB to finish his championship!

9-5-09  Magic (Jedawn's Witchy Woman) wins back to back Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite Sex for points at the Des Moines KC shows!!

8-19-09  Scotty and Tamar's 7 babies are born.  4 Boys and 3 Girls   http://www.jedawnkennels.com/122952.html

7-12-09  Tamar and Shannon compete in Open Senior and win their class.  They went on to win Best Junior out of an entry of 44!!

7-12-09  Tamar (CH Jubilee's Heavenly Creation, SC, FCh, SGRC, CGC ) wins Veterans Best of Opposite Sex in sweeps under judge Shirley McFadden!

7-12-09  Belle (Jedawn's Princess Belle) wins Best of Opposite Sex in Sweeps under Judge Shirley McFadden, out of an entry of 11 competitors.  She also placed both days in her competitive bred by class!!

7-11-09  Flash (Jedawn's The Flash of Wwild) goes WD/BOW for his 3rd major (a 4 pointer) leaving him only 1 point to finish his Championship.  Congratulations to Glenda Wild for showing him, all of his points have been owner handled by her!!

7-11-09  Tamar (CH Jubilee's Heavenly Creation, SC, FCh, SGRC, CGC )win Best Veteran in Sweeps, under judge Marcella Zobel!

7-11-09  9 month old Ruby (Brassgate's Ruby at Jedawn) wins Best in Sweepstakes at the Omaha, NE shows out of an entry of 11 competitors, under judge Marcella Zobel!!  She then went on to win her class during regular competition!

7-9-09  Danika (Jedawn's Princess Aurora) went to a show in San Antonio, TX and went WB for her first point.  She is third puppy to be pointed by 7 months of age!!  Congratulation to her owner Leslie Walenta!!

7-5-09  Disney (Jedawn's Prince Charming) went to a show in Sedalia, MO and went WD and BOB from the 6-9 month puppy class over adult and puppy competition on Sunday for the points!!  Sunday was the only day there was other competition at this show!!  Congratulations to his owner Burke Morrow!!

7-3-09  Cindy (formerly Ella) Jedawn's Princess Cinderella went to a show in Ventura, CA for one day and went WB over adult competition for the points from the 6-9 month puppy class!!  Congratulation to her owners Betty De La Rosa and Deb Butler!!

6-18-09  Gracie has her puppies!

6-5-09 Belle goes to the GTCBC Specialty and wins her very competitive bred by class and then goes on to RWB!!  Thank you to judge Kalen Dumke!  I couldn't be more proud of this little girl!!

Belle at the GTCBC Specialty where she won RWB!!  Photo taken by Chad Hasenohrl  

6-5-09  Tamar wins Best in Veteran Sweeps at the GTCBC Specialty under judge Sally Stephens, and then goes on to an Award of Merit at the Specialty under judge Kalen Dumke!!  Thank you so much to both judges!

Tamar   Photo taken by Rebecca Neal

5-23-09  Scotty makes three very nice cuts in the BOB ring at the Nationals!!  He did very well for not having been in the ring in four years!

 Scotty in the BOB ring at the Nationals.         Photo taken by Rebecca Neal

5-22-09  Belle at 6 months old made it to the final cut in Bred By out of 32 bitches entered and then went on to 4th place under judge Pat Ulloa!!!

Belle placing in Bred By at the Nationals.  Photo taken by Elizabeth Bucholz

5-22-09  Ruby made the final cut in her puppy class at the Nationals!

 Ruby moving at the nationals with Shannon.  Photo taken by Rebecca Neal

5-20-09 Belle and Ruby both made it to the final cut in sweeps at the Nationals!

5-19-09  Ruby places 3rd in her Futurity class at the Nationals and Belle places 4th, under judge Shirley McFadden!! 

Ruby is on the left and Belle on the right 

5-18-09 Spectre places 5th at the Borzoi Nationals LGRA meet, his brother Merlin, placed 7th out of 26 running.  I am very proud of these young boys - they won't turn two until the end of July! 

5-1-09  Ella, Jedawn's Princess Cinderella went to her new home in California.  Along the way they stopped at a LGRA trial to run dogs and have a few practice runs for Ella - she is very keen on the lure

4-26-09 Flash wins another major on Sunday at the Seward, NE shows going WD and Best of Opposite Sex over specials!!  He's up to 10 points already in just a few shows!!

4-25-09  Flash, Jedawn's The Flash Of Wwild goes WD for a major in dogs, then goes Best of Winners at the Seward, NE show on Saturday!!

4-18-09  Merlin, Jedawn's Quicksilver Riverrun Of Valinor wins his 2nd 4 pt major and BOB lure coursing!!  Merlin is also VERY fast and is 1/2 way to his racing title in just 2 days of running!

We have one available girl from the Scotty x Betsy litter.  New 3 months pictures are up at http://www.jedawnkennels.com/106000.html

New 3 month pictures of Belle (Jedawn's Princess Belle)  http://www.jedawnkennels.com/120246.html

New 4 month pictures of Ruby (Brassgate's Ruby At Jedawn)  http://www.jedawnkennels.com/118145.html

3-09  Ellis, CH Jedawn-Jubilee Kingdom Of Heaven, JC, RN, CGC completed his CGC!!  Congratulations to Ellis and his owner Elizabeth!!

2-15-09  Flash (Jedawn's The Flash Of Wwild) goes WD for another 2 points at the one day Des Moines, IA show!!

2-14-09  Tamar wins Best Veteran in Sweeps at the RMBC Specialty in Denver, and then goes on to Best of Opposite Sex at the Specialty!!  She turned 8 years old the next day, but still moves and acts like a youngster!!

2-1-09  Flash (Jedawn's The Flash Of Wwild) goes WD/BOW and BOB over a special at the St Joe show for 2 points!

1-31-09  Magic (Jedawn's Witchy Woman) goes WB for a 4 point major at the St Joe, MO show from the Bred By class!!  Her sister Lizzy won the large competitive bred by class the other two days with Shannon showing her!! 

8 week puppy pictures on our Available Page  http://www.jedawnkennels.com/106000.html  

We had another amazing year racing in LGRA!  There were 187 Borzoi competing for points in 2008, so I'm very proud of both of my boys!!  Both Scotty and Spectre finished Top 10 for 2008!!  This is Scotty's 3rd year in a row in the Top 10 with him finishing #1 in 2006.  This is young Spectre's first year in the Top 10.  He only ran 6 days and finished his racing title, plus scored high enough to be ranked in the Top 10. 

6 Week pictures of the puppies outside playing for the first time!  http://www.jedawnkennels.com/106000.html

Updated 5 week old pictures of the Scotty x Betsy puppies    http://www.jedawnkennels.com/106000.html

Spectre is a new GRC!!  He finished his racing championship in just 6 days of racing!  This boy is really fast!

Scotty - CH Sylvan Scotch And Soda, JC SGRC2 completed his SGRC2 title on Sunday, November 23, 2008.  He is only the 6th Borzoi to achieve this title!  Not only did he achieve this title, but he did it in style by never having an incomplete race, DQ nor has he ever been scratched from a race.  He has run and completed every race he has ever been entered in!! 

November 14, 2008  The Scotty x Betsy puppies are here!!  Betsy whelped 7 beautiful babies (5 girls and 2 boys), in shades of red and white, tri and sable and white.  Mother and  babies are doing really well.

Please check out our puppies page.  Scotty has a very nice litter on the ground out of Endora - CH Aria's Wake of the Red Witch.  He has also sired a litter out of our girl Betsy - CH Jedawn-Jubilee Heavens To Betsy due November 14, 2008 

October 25th and 26th  Lizzy - Jedawn's New Kid In Town takes back to back WB/BOS for the points at the Sioux Falls, SD shows!!  She's over 1/2 way to her championship already!!  

October 20th  Merlin - Jedawn Quicksilver Riverrun At Valinor completed his JC title, and then competed in his first AKC Lure Coursing Trial, winning a 4 point major and Best Of Breed!!  He ran for Best In Field and tied with the Whippet, but lost in a run off.  I am so proud of this boy, as he's only 15 months today!!  He is also pointed in the show ring and has a puppy Group 1 under a breeder judge to his credit.  This boy is owned and loved by Karla Smith and Deb Butler.


October 18th and 19th  Magic - Jedawn's Witchy Woman takes back to back WB and BOB's for the points at the Fremont, NE shows

October 11th and 12th  Scotty earns another 4 Nat'l LGRA points - he is less than 4 points away from his SGRC 2 Title.  Even at 4 1/2 this boy is still very fast!!

October 11th  Spectre (Jedawn The Spectre Of Kyrov) went to his first LGRA racing meet and competed with 11 Borzoi running.  Spectre finished in 3rd place earning him 3 GRC points and 1 National point.  The boy is just over a year, old and is already a speed demon!  He's following in his mothers footsteps.

October 5th   Lizzy (Jedawn's New Kid In Town) wins WB and BOW!!

October 3rd   Lizzy (Jedawn's New Kid In Town) won her competitive bred by class at the Regional Newfoundland Specialty in Lincoln, Nebraska .  She then went on to win RWB at the specialty.  Shannon also competed in junior showmanship and won Best Junior.

September 27th Gracie - CH Fiann's Say Goodnight, joined our home.  We are very excited to have her here!!

August 2008 Rhythm (Kyrov's I've Got Rhythm At Jedawn) goes WB and BOW for 2 more points at the Heart of America Kennel Club.

June 28th  Spectre (Jedawn The Spectre Of Kyrov) wins WD for another point!!

June 28th  Rhythm (Kyrov's I've Got Rhythm At Jedawn) goes to her first show, and wins her first point by going WB/BOW.  She then went on to win Best Puppy and a Puppy Group 1!!  There were no points on Sunday, so she didn't get to show.

June 28th and 29th  Ellis (Jedawn-Jubilee Kingdom Of Heaven) gets his first two qualifying scores towards his Rally title in his first two trys!!

June 28th  Shannon wins another Best Junior - this time showing her Borzoi Ellis.

May 23rd & May 24th Shannon wins back to back Best Juniors with her Newfoundland Bristol!! 

May 17, 2008   Kyra (Jedawn-Jubilee Heavenly Gaze), owned by Codi and Ray Craft,  takes an AKC Best In Field for a 5 Point Major!!  She is only 4 points away from her AKC Field Championship, and 5 points away from her ASFA Field Championship!  This girl loves to run!!

May 17th and 18th   Jedawn's Desperado from the Buzz x Kitty litter, takes back to back Winners Bitch majors, and then went Best of Winners both days at the Gardner, KS shows.   Cheeto (aptly named for her love of cheetos),  just turned two the 10th of this month, and is just starting her show career.  She is loved and owned by Crystal Nelson.

May 2008  Merlin (Jedawn Quicksilver Riverrun Of Valinor) wins his first point from the puppy class.  He then went on to win a competitive Puppy Group One under breeder judge Kalen Dumke!!  Merlin is owned and loved by Karla Smith of Riverrun Borzoi and Deb Butler of Valinor Borzoi.  Picture to come soon!

April 26, 2008  Spectre (Jedawn The Spectre Of Kyrov) won WD at the Seward KC, and is now pointed.  He just turned 9 months old a few days ago.  This was only his 2nd time out with us.  Picture to come soon!

4-4-08 Ellis (CH Jedawn-Jubilee Kingdom Of Heaven, JC) finished his championship with his FOURTH MAJOR, in limited showing!!  This was Ellis' first time out this year, and he was handled by my 15 year old daughter Shannon!

Ellis winning his 4th Major under judge Elliot Weiss, and finishing his Championship!!

4-4-08  Shannon and Banter had a great weekend in Wichita, Kansas.  This 7 month old newfoundland puppy went in the ring with Shannon in the bred by class and took reserve the first day, and then back to back majors the next two days - even going BOS over the bitch special both days!!  Banter was bred by Patte Testa, Debra Wigal and Shannon Myers.  This was her first time out to a show!

4-5-08  Spectre (Jedawn The Spectre Of Kyrov) went to his first show with me at 8 months old and took a reserve to the major!

Spectre practicing LGRA racing at 7 months old

New 7 month pictures of Spectre (Jedawn The Spectre Of Kyrov)   http://www.jedawnkennels.com/109046.html

New 7 month pictures of Dazzle (Jedawn's Dazzler)  http://www.jedawnkennels.com/101842.html

New 7 month pictures of Flash (Jedawn's The Flash Of Wwild)  http://www.jedawnkennels.com/103004.html

New 4 month pictures of Rhythm (Kyrov's I've Got Rhythm At Jedawn)  http://www.jedawnkennels.com/106642.html

2-24-08   Betsy (CH Jedawn-Jubilee Heavens To Betsy, JC, GRC) is now a Gazehound Racing Champion!!

6 month old Flash went to the St Joseph, MO shows for Sunday only and took reserve to the major again!!

Shannon wins a very nice Best Junior in tough competition from her Open Senior Class-January 2008

Flash - Jedawn's The Flash Of WWild goes to his first show the day he turned 6 months old and went Reserve to the major!!  His brother Jack also went to a different show on the same day and won his puppy class!!

New 5 1/2 month pictures of Flash on his page  http://www.jedawnkennels.com/103004.html

Both Tamar and Scotty finish the 2007 LGRA year in the Top 10!!!  Tamar turns 7 years old in a month and still has it!!

New casual pictures of Rhythm at 12 weeks  http://www.jedawnkennels.com/106642.html

New 4 month old pictures of Dazzle on her page  http://www.jedawnkennels.com/101842.html

Shannon wins Best Junior with Bogus at the Newfoundland Regional Specialty in October 2007!!


We just received Scotty's Plaque for being the #1 LGRA Borzoi for 2006!!

Flash and Dazzle had their first chance to lure course a little at 3 months old.  I only let them go about 30 yards, because they are still very young.  Both LOVED the chase!

Flash coursing at 3 months old. 

Dazzle coursing at 3 months old.  She was in slow down mode, as the lure had already stopped.

Dazzle coming back to mom after the bunny quit moving!

Dazzle (up front) and Flash learning to be "big dogs" at a lure coursing trial.

October 28, 2007   Our young Newfoundland girl Lizzy  "Jedawn's New Kid In Town" takes her first major!!  She's only been out a few times, and is already up to 5 points with a major!!

Lizzy winning her first major under Judge Neil Graves!!

October 18, 2007  Gabriel "Jedawn-Jubilee Heaven Sent" was killed by a car while heading to his new home in Phoenix, AZ.  His new owner accidentally dropped his leash in a busy Wendys parking lot, and Gabe, not knowing his new owner very well, took off.  Our family is devistated at the loss of this beautiful boy............

October 6, 2007  Ellis "Jedawn-Jubilee Kingdom Of Heaven, JC" wins another point going Winners Dog at the Cornhusker KC shows.  Ellis already has 3 majors, and just needs a single point to finish!!!

September 29th & 30th, 2007   Kyra  "Jedawn-Jubilee Heavenly Gaze, JC" ran at her first AKC Field Trial and took 2nd out of 10 running on Saturday for 3 points and 2nd out of 11 running on Sunday for another 3 points.  In one weekend, Kyra earned 6 points out of 15 needed towards her AKC FC.  She also has all of her placements and 68 points out of 100 towards her ASFA Field Championship. 

September 30, 2007   Ellis "Jedawn-Jubilee Kingdom Of Heaven, JC" wins Winners Dog for 2 points at the Fremont KC shows

8 week puppy pictures are posted on our Available page

August 24, 2007  The puppies are 5 weeks old already.  To see updated pictures, please go to our available page http://www.jedawnkennels.com/50364.html

July 21st and 22nd  Our young girl Lizzy (Jedawn's New Kid In Town) takes back to back WB/BOS for her first two points, from Bred By, at the Omaha, NE shows.  This was only her second show!!

July 20, 2007  WE HAVE PUPPIES!!!  Tamar has 7 boys and 2 girls!! 

For information on puppies available from this litter, a pedigree or questions, please contact me at Newfs4me@gmail.com or 402-267-6345.

The puppies are 3 weeks old already!!

As of July 2007, both Scotty (CH Sylvan Scotch And Soda, JC, SGRC) and Tamar (BIF CH Jubilee's Heavenly Creation, SC, FCh, SGRC) are in the LGRA Top 10 for 2007!!  On top of this great accomplishment, they are also both in the LGRA LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT TOP 10!!!!

July 8, 2007  Katya "Jedawn-Jubilee Katya's Heaven FCh" is a new ASFA Field Champion!!  She took back to back wins in her open class Saturday and Sunday, finishing her title on Sunday.  Her brother Kubei "Jedawn-Jubilee Heaven's Kubei" isn't far behind.  He has all of his placements and about 50 points!!

Tamar is currently in the Top 10 All Breed Borzoi in just one show!!  AND she's also in the LGRA Top 10!!  Not bad for a 6 year old girl!!

With only a day or so left, getting comfortable is harder.  This seems to be her favorite position lately!

Our multiple group winning Tamar has been bred to Kyrov's Confection.  Glaze is sired by Valmont - CH Kyrov's Fanfare Of The Wild Hunt (CH Kyrov's Crescendo x CH Pompeii Of The Wild Hunt, FCh, SC) and his Dam is Tia - CH Windlord's Effervescence of Kyrov (CH Chataqua Desert Phoenix Of Kyrov x CH Windlord's Zolota).  This should be a very nice litter doubling up on some really nice dogs!!  Please check back for updates.  For more information on this litter,  please contact me at 402-267-6345 or newfs4me@gmail.com Stacked pictures of Glaze to come soon!

Tamar - BIF CH Jubilee's Heavenly Creation, SC, FCh, SGRC

Glaze winning breed over specials for another major!!

Glaze moving -  Glaze has only been out 3 times with Amy, but already has both of his majors - including a Best Of Breed over specials!!

April 2007  Mogul (Jedawn's Life's Been Good) finished his Rally Novice Title at 11 months old!!

May 29, 2007  Katya and Kubei attended the BCGA Lure Coursing Trials on Sunday and Monday with their owners Vickie and Leigh.  Katya came in 1st place both days and is already up to 80 points towards her Field Championship!!  Kubei placed 2nd and 3rd in Open,  and is right behind her with 50 points towards his championship!!

May 5th - Kubei (Jedawn-Jubilee Heaven's Kubei), owned by Vickie and Leigh Littleton, won his open class during the ASFA trials in Leesburg, VA on Saturday.  He is currently up to 20 points with a 1st and 2nd placements!!  Kubei also went to this first show (one day only), the weekend before, and was WD/BOW for his first AKC point!! 

Kubei (Jedawn-Jubilee Heaven's Kubei) winning his first point at his first show.

Kubei's first ASFA trial 

May 6th - Katya (Jedawn-Jubilee Katya's Heaven), also owned by Vickie and Leigh Littleton,  got to run on Sunday, and not only won the open class, but also went BOB in a runoff against the awesome running Saphira and the Veteran winner!!  Katya currently has all her placements and about 36 points in just 2 trials (plus a few BOB's under her belt)!!  Many thanks go out to Vickie and Leigh for all their work with these two youngsters!!

A very excited Katya waiting for the "Tally Ho"

Katya coursing at her very first trial

Katys's first ASFA trial

April 29th - Betsy follows up the next day with a WB/BOW/BOB and finishes her Championship!  She is now CH Jedawn-Jubilee Heavens To Betsy, JC!!  Her brother Ellis also went WD/BOS and currently has 11 points with 3 majors!!

Betsy's Championship Picture.  Judge: Mr. Everett Dean

Ellis winning WD/BOS for 2 points in Seward.  He is currently at 11 points with 3 majors!!

April 28th - Betsy takes a Best of Breed and Group 4 from the classes!! Breed judge was Roger Hartinger and group judge was Everett Dean!!!

Betsy going Best Of Breed from the classes.  Judge Mr. Roger Hartinger.  She went on to a Group 4 later that afternoon!

Betsy's Group 4 Win!!

On April 21st, Betsy WON her very first LGRA meet out of 13 Borzoi running, earning her 4 GRC points and 3 National points!!  She even beat her mother, Tamar (who won the Borzoi Club Of America Nationals LGRA meet in 2004 out of 59 Borzoi!!).  I'm so proud of all this girl has accomplished at only 15 months old!!!

April 7th & 8th, 2007  Betsy - Jedawn-Jubilee Heavens To Betsy, JC won very nice back to back majors at the Wichita KC shows, giving her 3 majors already!  She also picked up both of her JC legs to complete her title!  He brother Ellis - Jedawn-Jubilee KingdomOfHeaven, JC also won a very nice major on Saturday (giving him 3 majors so far) and completed both legs for his JC title!  These youngsters are only 15 months old!!

Betsy's 2nd Major under judge Mr Joe C Walton

Ellis winning a 3 point major - his 3rd major!  Shannon showed him to WD for the major and Amelia showed him to a very nice BOW!

Ellis and Betsy both took majors on this day!

Betsy's 3rd Major under judge Mr Terry Stacy

Betsy running for her AKC JC Tests

Betsy running for her AKC JC Tests

Ellis running for his AKC JC Tests

Ellis coursing

Ellis Coursing

Ellis Coursing

Ellis coursing for his AKC JC Tests

April 7, 2007  Tamar won breed and a very nice Group 4 win against many #1 hounds at the Wichita KC shows!  Not bad for a 6 yr old girl.  She also ran 3 - 800 yard plus courses on Saturday in the Veterans Stake.  She only gets better and better with age.

Tamar's Group 4 win under breeder judge William Cunningham.  Tamar gained 187 all breed points for this win!

Tamar coursing in the veterans class

Tamar coursing

April 1, 2007  Katya - Jedawn-Jubilee Katya's Heaven, owned by Vickie and Leigh Littleton, attended her very first ASFA trial and finished in style with a BOB over some very nice competition!!!

April 1, 2007  Ellis - Jedawn-Jubilee KingdomOfHeaven is a very fast racing fool.  In two days of racing, he's already up to 4 points towards his GRC championship.  His sister Betsy - Jedawn-Jubilee Heavens To Betsy isn't far behind him with almost 2 points!!  Boy can these pups run!!

Betsy and Ellis running LGRA.  Photo taken by Carl White

March 21, 2007 was a very sad day for us, as we had to say goodbye to our sweet Newfoundland girl, Kitty.

March 18, 2007  Mogul (Jedawn's Life's Been Good, CGC) picked up two legs on his Rally Novice Obedience Title at 10 months of age!!  His owners, Tracey and Chan Keith, have worked very hard with him, and I'm so proud of all this very young boy has accomplished in such a short time!!

March 18, 2007  Betsy and Ellis had their try at their first LGRA trial (one day only) and both of them finished in the points!!  Ellis took the top honors for Opens and picked up 2 points.  His sister, Betsy, finished right behind him tying for the position, and split 1 point with another competitor!!  These guys are very keen and fast!!

Shannon has had a very good year in junior showmanship!!  She finished the year as the #1 Borzoi Club Of America Junior Handler.  In addition to this wonderful accomplishment, she also finished the year as the #5 Newfoundland Junior and #5 French Bulldog Junior - not bad having three breeds and qualifiying in the top five with all of them!!  Way to go Shannon!!!  

Scotty loves to be the center of attention.  No matter which dog is cuddled up to you, he can always cuddle better!!

Scotty is giving Shannon "love nibbles"

March 2, 2007 Mogul, is definitely living up to his name.  At 8 months old he completed his advanced obedience class (pictured below) and at 9 months of age, this big newfoundland boy completed his CGC!!!  He is now Jedawn's Life's Been Good, CGC!!  We are very proud of him!!

February 18, 2007  Betsy went Winners Bitch at the one day Keomaha Kennel Club show for another point, her mother Tamar, although very bald, went Best of Breed over another very nice bitch special.

On February 3rd,  Betsy picked up her first major at the St Joe show!!!  She is the second from the Marche' x Tamar litter to be major pointed (her brother Ellis beat her to it, taking both of his majors before 12 months of age at only 3 shows).

Betsy winning her 1st major under judge Ramon Valenzuela Podesta

Also on February 2nd, our lovely 8 month old Newfoundland girl Lizzy, attended a fun match.  Out of 26 dogs competing in the working breeds (both pups and adults), she won a Group 1 !!  She then followed up the next day by winning her bred by class against older competition!

Scotty - CH Sylvan Scotch And Soda, JC, SGRC finished the 2006 year as the #1 LGRA Borzoi and #4 All Breed !!!!!!

Our multiple group winning Tamar, will be bred in May 2007.  Please check back for updates.  For more information on this litter,  please contact me at 402-267-6345 or newfs4me@gmail.com

Tamar will be bred in May 2007!

Katya (Jedawn-Jubilee Katya's Heaven), owned by Leigh and Vickie Littleton, certified to run in ASFA Trials at 11 months old!!

Ellis (Jedawn-Jubilee KingdomOfHeaven) just took his second major under judge William Cunningham from the puppy class.  This was only Ellis' third time out to a show.  In the past 3 1/2 weeks he's picked up two majors from the puppy class and also pre-certified for ASFA lure coursing!  We expect great things from this boy!! 

Ellis winning his second major under breeder judge William Cunningham!

Ellis just pre-cert'd for ASFA at 11 months old

Tamar certified her son, Ellis, to run in ASFA Trials

Ellis (Jedawn-Jubilee KingdomOfHeaven) won his first major at 10 months old, under judge Lee Canalizo, from the puppy class!!!  He is the third pup in the Marche' x Tamar Litter to be pointed.

Ellis winning his first major under judge Mrs Lee Canalizo

Betsy (Jedawn-Jubilee Heavens To Betsy) won her first two points by going Best Of Winners under judge Robert Stein, from the bred by class!!  She is the second in the litter to be pointed!!

Betsy is pictured here at 9 months old

Betsy won a Best In Sweeps at the RMBC Specialty under judge Pam Leichtnam!!

Betsy is pictured here at 8 months old

Gabe (Jedawn-Jubilee Heaven Sent) took a very nice Best Of Winners win in Cheyenne, WY under judge Patricia Trotter.  He is the first one pointed from this litter!!  He also won a Best Of Opposite Sex in Sweeps, at the RMBC Specialty,  under judge Pam Leichtnam!  Gabe will stay home for awhile to grow up.

Gabe pictured at 8 months old

Gabe pictured at 8 months old