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February 15, 2001 to October 10, 2012

We had to say goodbye to our beautiful Tamar.  We miss her so much, but know she is running free now in heaven and will always hold a large part of our hearts.

4-12-14  Tamar at 11 years old went to the Grand Island shows and not only won BOB both days over a Top 10 Special, but she also won a Group 2!  She has always been such a nice mover.

Tamar winning Best of Breed at 11 years old.

Tamar winning another Best of Breed at 11 years old

Tamar winning a Group 2 at 11 years old.  This girl still has what it takes.

Tamar wins her very nice 10yr and older Veteran Sweeps Class at the 2011 Borzoi Nationals!  She also made a nice cut in the Best of Breed ring.  She had so much fun that I think I'll return her to the ring to gain her Grand Championship!

Tamar wins Best Veteran in Sweeps on Saturday at the Omaha TSE shows, under judge Marcella Zobel.  She followed up the next day with a BOS in Veteran sweeps under judge Shirley McFadden!!

Tamar wins Best Veteran in Sweeps at the GTCBC Specialty on June 6, 2009, under judge Sally Stephens.  She then went on to an Award Of Merit at the Specialty under judge Kalen Dumke!!

Tamar and Shannon in junior showmanship at the Nationals.  Shannon went on to Best Junior!!           Photo taken by Rebecca Neal

Tamar wins Best Veteran in Sweeps at the RMBC Specialty on February 14, 2009, under judge Lydia Pruitt.  She then went on to win Best Of Opposite Sex at the Specialty.  She turned 8 years old the next day, but still moves and acts like a younster!! 

Tamar is currently in the Top 10 All Breed Borzoi in just one show!!  PLUS she is also in the LGRA Top 10 !!  AND on top of that huge accomplishment, she is also in the LGRA LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT TOP 10 !!  At 6 years old, she's still very FAST and PRETTY!!

 Tamar's puppies are sired by Kyrov's Confection.  Glaze is sired by Valmont - CH Kyrov's Fanfare Of The Wild Hunt (CH Kyrov's Crescendo x CH Pompeii Of The Wild Hunt, FCh, SC) and his Dam is Tia - CH Windlord's Effervescence of Kyrov (CH Chataqua Desert Phoenix Of Kyrov x CH Windlord's Zolota).  This should be a very nice litter doubling up on some really nice dogs!!  Please check back for updates. 

Tamar just won a very nice Group 4 win at the Wichita KC shows, under breeder judge William Cunningham!  She was competing in a very tough hound group against many #1 hounds on big handlers!!

Tamar winning a very nice Group 4 under breeder judge William Cunningham.  Tamar gained 187 all breed points for this win!!

Tamar Best Of Breed under breeder judge William Cunningham!

Tamar lure coursing at 6 years old!

Tamar lure coursing in the veterans stake

Tamar lure coursing

Tamar won BOB is some nice competition.  Her daughter, Betsy, went WB for another point 

Tamar wins Best Of Breed in Fremont under judge Constance Barton

Tamar wins Best Of Breed at the Salina shows under judge Ms Patricia W Laurans

At five years of age, and after whelping her litter three months ago, Tamar came back strong and won her last two points she needed for her SGRC title!!  We're so proud of her!!!

Yes - she is very bald after having her litter of puppies, but came back strong for her last two points for her SGRC title!!

Tamar is a very versatile dog that has done everything we've ever asked of her with ease.  So far, she's completed her AKC Championship with three majors - the last major being a five pointer at a very large specialty where she took a Best of Winners.  She has multiple group wins and placements.  She is also an AKC Senior Courser, ASFA Field Champion,  Superior Gazehound Racing Champion, major pointed on her AKC Field Championship with a Best In Field and has her first leg in obedience.  She has also been a 4-H dog for my 10 year old son for the past 3 years and competes in everything from showmanship to agility!!  In her spare time, she likes to visit a care center for therapy work.  We are hoping she will pass some of this enthusiasm on to her puppies!!

During the Specialty weekend in Waconia, MN, Tamar took Best of Breed, defeating 28 Borzoi for that honor and then went on to take another Group 3 in very tough competition against many top 5 hounds.  A big thanks to judge Mr. Gary Doerge!!

Tamar winning Group 3 under judge Gary Doerge!

Tamar winning Best of Breed under Judge Betty-Anne Stenmark in Kansas City

Tamar gets her first leg towards her obedience CD title at the 2005 Borzoi Nationals!  She then went on to finish thrid in the Triathalon!!

Tamar wins third place in Triathalon at the 2005 BCOA Nationals!!  The Triathalon consists of scores from conformation, obedience and lure coursing combined together for a final total.  This was her first try at this title!!

Tamar gets her first leg in obedience and wins her Novice A class at the 2005 BCOA Nationals!!

Tamar takes ANOTHER Group One at the Columbia Kennel Club show on March 12, 2005 from Judge Mr Terry Stacy.  She followed up the next day with a Group Two from Borzoi Breeder Judge Patti Widick Neale!!  Pictures to come soon!!


During the Plum Creek Kennel Club shows in Denver, Colorado - Tamar picked up 82 breed points defeating 50 dogs on the first day and then another 32 on the final day!!


During our LGRA Straight Racing event in Iowa February 26th and 27th, Tamar went undefeated all 6 races and picked up another 4 national points!!  She now only needs another 2 points to complete her SGRC!! 

Group One Thanks to Mrs. Lorraine Boutwell

Group One Thanks to Mrs. Eileen Pimlott

Group One Thanks to Mr. Terry Stacy

Group Two Thanks to Mrs. Patti Widick Neale

Group Three Thanks to Mr. Charles Trotter

Group Three Thanks to Mr. Eugene Blake

Group Three Thanks to Mr Gary Doerge

Group Four Thanks to Col. Joe B. Purkhiser

Group Four Thanks to Mr. Robert Stein

Plum Creek KC Best Of Breed Win! Tamar defeated 50 other Borzoi for this win!

Plum Creek KC Best Of Breed.  Tamar defeated 32 Borzoi for this win!

Columbia KC BOB win!  Judge: Mrs. Patti Widick Neale

Columbia KC BOB Win!  Judge: Mr. Terry Stacy

Fargo Moorehead KC Tamar wins BOB and Scotty (not to be outdone) wins WD, BOW and BOS!!  Judge: Mr. Jon Cole

Fremont KC BOB Win!  Judge: Mr. Alberto Berrios

Lake Minnetonka KC BOB Win!  Judge: Mr. Gary Doerge

Fargo Moorehead KC BOB Win!  Judge: Mr. Robert Stein

Tamar Best of Breed in Minneapolis 11-04

Tamar Best Of Breed St. Cloud, MN 12-12-04

Tamar Best Of Breed Council Bluffs, Iowa.  She went on to win a Group 1 on this day!!

Tamar is very prey driven and Straight Races and Lure Courses, but yet she is very gentle also.  In the following picture Tamar makes a great pillow when getting a 4 week old Newfoundland puppy to sleep.  Tamar also lives with 2 cats and four children and has been a 4-H dog for the past three years.  Her temprament is unbelievable and she will bend over backwards (literally) to please you!

Tamar attended the ASFA II International Invitational on June 5th & 6th!!  We had the great priviledge of meeting and watching some of the top coursing Borzoi, both National and International. To see them run the courses was truly breath taking!

On Saturday, Tamar finished in 3rd place with a score of 283; the top dogs score was 286!

On Sunday, Tamar finished 5th place and was NBQ with a score of 299; the top dogs score was 302!

Tamar was also the highest scoring bench champion both days!!

The below photos were taken by Kelly Brunarski at the Borzoi Nationals 2004

 TAMAR TAKES BEST OF BREED STRAIGHT RACING AT THE BORZOI NATIONALS 2004 from an entry of 59!!!    She also won High Score Lure Coursing and High Score Conformation Champion!!   Sunday results ASFA Lure Coursing at the Nationals - After two called coursing runs due to a false start by a dog and another losing a racing blanket in the second run, a tired Tamar still had enough energy to complete the course with a first place in her stake, and score high enough to finish 2nd place out of 39 Field Champions.  There was only a 1 point difference between 1st place and 2nd place.  Tamar also earned 30 points towards her LCM!!!  During the Saturday Best of Breed competition, Tamar made it all the way to the final cut, when the last two were excused before the final decision was made.  This girl has made us very proud this weekend!!

Tamar finished her AKC confirmation championship at the Rocky Mountain Borzoi Specialty.  She won Best of Winners for a 5 point major, making it her 3rd major, and defeating over 75 other Borzoi.  Tamar is a dream to show and makes it easy for the person on the other end of her lead.

Tamar definitely posseses the "show attitude" and loves to be in the ring.  She is very light on her feet and her movement is flawless.  Her down and back is very clean, with no wasted movement.  Tamar has very strong prey drive, and excells in coursing and racing competitions.  She has already completed her AKC Senior Courser title, ASFA Field Championship, LGRA Gazehound Racing Championship and has a Best in Field and 5 point major towards her AKC Lure Coursing Championship.  We can now add her Best of Breed straight racing at the Borzoi Nationals 2004, her Group Win and her Group Placement to her long list of accomplishments.  

We are so thankful to Cindi Gredys of Jubilee Borzoi for this beautiful girl.  It's not often that you find a complete dog that not only has the beauty to compete in the show ring, but can also excell in what it was bred to do.  We feel we have that special dog in Tamar, the elegance and beauty balanced with the keeness of the huntress.

Tamar's hips are OFA Excellent, her heart is Cardiologist - Normal and her CERF Eye Exam was also Normal.

Tamar takes Best Of Breed at the Greeley, Colorado show - the weekend of the RMBC Specialty, defeating 22 other Borzoi for that honor!!  Her brother, Neo, CH Jubilee's Breath of Life, CD, JC took Best Of Opposite Sex!!

Look at the wonderful fronts on these dogs!!  Patricia Trotter was judging.  From left to right: Anakim (CH Jubilee Governs The Night) BOB; Piper (Can CH Jubilee Celestial Illumination) WB for 2 points; Tamar (CH Jubilee's Heavenly Creation SC, FCh, GRC) BOS; and Rocket (Jubilee Hallee's Rocket) BOW for 2 points!  What a weekend that was!!

The coursing photos below were taken by Shot On Site. 

Best of Breed

Best of Winners at the Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club Specialty for a 5 point major!

Best of Breed

Best of Breed

1st Major and Best of Breed

Gary's 1st Place Junior Showmanship Win

MBC BOS Sweeps 2002/ judge Jenny Steele

High Score LGRA Best of Opposite Sex at the Nationals 2002

Tamar in the snow