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DC Sylvan Seabury Virago, SC, FCh x CH Zcerlov Sylvan Godiva      

Even though we lost Scotty far to young (7 years old) to a bacterial infection, I will leave his page up.  He has sired four amazing litters with several youngsters doing very well at the Nationals recently.  One daughter went Best in Sweepstakes and another daughter went Best Puppy at the National,  just to name a few.  There were many other wins and placements by the other children as well.  He was an amazing dog and is missed dearly every day. 

Scotty went to the Borzoi Nationals in May 2009 and made 3 cuts in a very competitive Best of Breed Class.  I'm very proud of him, as he hasn't been in a show ring in 4 years!  Both of Scotty's daughters, 7 month old Ruby and 6 month old Belle placed in their futurity class.  Belle then went on to place 4th out of 32 bitches entered in Bred By at 6 months of age!!  Belle also went to the GTCBC Specialty on June 5, 2009 and won her bred by class and took RWB at the Specialty!!

Scotty at the Nationals in the BOB ring.  Photo taken by Rebecca Neal

Scotty finished Top 10 LGRA again this year (3rd year in a row)!!  In 2008, there were 187 Borzoi competing for points, so this is quite an accomplishment!!

Scotty finished his SGRC2 title on Sunday, November 23, 2008!!  He is only the 6th Borzoi to complete this title!  Not only did he achieve this wonderful title, but he also did it in style with no DNF's, no DQ's and no scratches.  He ran and completed EVERY race he was ever entered in.  We are so proud of this powerful running boy!

November 14, 2008  Puppies Born!!  Scotty sired a very nice litter of puppies here at Jedawn.  The dam is Betsy, CH Jedawn-Jubilee Heavens To Betsy, JC, GRC.

October 11th and 12th , 2008  Scotty earns another 4 Nat'l LGRA points - he is less than 4 points away from his SGRC 2 Title.  Even at 4 1/2 this boy is still very fast!!

October 3, 2008  Puppies born!!  Scotty sired a beautiful litter of puppies at Brassgate Kennels bred to Endora, CH Aria's Wake of the Red Witch, SC.

Scotty finishes the 2007 Racing year in the Top 10 LGRA!!

Scotty finished the 2006 year as the #1 LGRA Borzoi and #4 All Breed!!

Scotty is currently in the LGRA Top 10 again this year and is over half way to his SGRC2 title!!

Scotty finished the 2006 year as the #1 LGRA Borzoi and #4 All Breed !!   He is also ASFA pointed and will finish that championship in 2007!!  We are really proud of this powerful running boy!! 

Scotty lure coursing

Scotty lure coursing

Scotty lure coursing

Shannon won the Borzoi Club Of America Top Junior Handler award for 2006, showing Scotty, Tamar and Betsy!!!

The end of April, Scotty started a new endeavor with Shannon - Junior Showmanship (which many of you know is a lot harder than the breed ring, and takes a lot longer).  Although Shannon has shown Tamar before in juniors and taken wins with her, this was Scotty's first and only time in the juniors ring with Shannon, and they won their very competitive class!  They are off to a great start!!

On April 8th, Scotty completed his first leg of his Junior Courser (JC) title on his first try.  He picked up the second leg the following day, completing his title!!

On April 2nd, Scotty finished his SGRC!!!

At 19 months old, Scotty quickly finished his Gazehound Racing Championship in tough competition,  always in the points.   In Scotty's 3 1/2 weekends of racing in 2005, he managed to finish the year ranked #13 in LGRA!  We are very proud of him.  He is off to a bang this year too!!  He is currently ranked #1 in Breed for LGRA.

Scotty running LGRA at his first meet - he is one quick boy!!                   (Photo taken by Shot On Site)                   

Photo taken by Patti Neale

Scotty running LGRA - he is the one pictured on the left side  (Photo taken by Shot On Site)

Scotty hugging Shannon before his last race of the day!  (Photo taken by Patti Neale)

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's............. Scotty!!   (Photo taken by Patti Neale)

Jeffrey running the lure back at the LGRA meet in  Council Bluffs

Scotty running LGRA    (Photo taken by Shot On Site)

Scotty and Portia running LGRA.  Scotty is on the far side in red and Portia is in blue.   (Photo taken by Shot On Site)

Scotty is now officially a Champion!!  He finished with back to back wins at the Cornhusker KC shows in Lincoln, Nebraska shown by Shannon!!  (Picture to come soon!)  In his short show career (we only took him to 5 shows), he earned 3 majors, including a Best of Breed over 4 specials!  He'll be taking a break from the show ring now to mature a little and work on his performance titles.

Scotty's A New Champion  Shannon showed him to a Best Of Breed under Judge Lowell K Davis.  I'm pictured to the right of Shannon, 2 weeks prior to having my baby daughter, Samantha!

NEWSFLASH!!  Scotty completed his ASFA certification today (September 11, 2005) and loves the "Bunny"!

During the Kansas City Shows Scotty picked up another Winners Dog and Best of Winners - THEN he went on to take Best of Breed over two dog and two bitch specials, giving him his third major!!  He now only needs three points to finish!

Scotty winning Best Of Breed over 4 Specials taking his third major!!

At the Fargo, North Dakota shows Scotty was Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex under judge Robert Stein, for a 3 point major, shown by my 13 year old daughter, Shannon.  Just barely 14 months old, this was Scotty's second major in just a few shows.  He also was Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex the following two days for a point each day.  The judges were Eugene Blake and Jon Cole!!   Scotty is already up to 9 points with both of his majors in just a few shows!! 

Scotty is a wonderful young male Borzoi we were fortunate enough to get from Christopher and Patti Neale of Sylvan Borzoi.  He has endless energy which fits in to our household great with four very active children.  He thinks the children are the best play toys he has ever gotten, and just adores them!!

Scotty's favorite place is on the couch next to one of the kids!!

We picked him up a few days before the 2005 Borzoi National and whisked him off to Texas.  Even though he had no idea what had just happened or who we were, he adapted very well and managed to pull off a 2nd place in Sweeps (see his picture below).

Scotty taking 2nd place in his large Sweeps class at the 2005 Borzoi Nationals!

Shannon showing Scotty at the Nationals (Photo taken by Patti Neale)

Scotty winning his 2nd major with my 13 year old daughter, Shannon, showing him!

Tamar wins Best Of Breed and Scotty wins Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best Of Opposite Sex!!

Scotty LOVES his toys!!