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(CH Sylvan Scotch And Soda, JC, SGRC2 x SBOS BIF CH Jubilee's Heavenly Creation, SC, SGRC, FCh, CGC)    Born: August 19, 2009

11-4-12  Lucy is a new ASFA Field Champion!!

5-26-12 & 5-27-12  Lucy attended the ASFA II and did very well.  On Saturday she tied for 1st place with a score of 311!!  She placed 2nd after a run off.  On Sunday, Lucy also placed 2nd out of a really nice Borzoi entry.  Lucy also took a pretty bad spill that flattened her, but thankfully she recovered quickly.  In that same run she also picked up cactus in her feet, but kept going and finished fast and strong!  She also received 48 points towards her ASFA Field Championship and only has 13 more to go!!  I'm VERY proud of her.  

Lucy is on the right in the yellow blanket.  This is typically how she is at the start line.  It's usually all I can do to hang on to her.

Lucy coursing on Sunday at the ASFA II

Lucy coursing on Sunday at the ASFA II

Lucy coursing on Sunday at the ASFA II

Lucy coursing Sunday at the ASFA II through the debris.

Lucy's fall on Sunday that knocked the wind out of her.  Thankfully she had a very quick recovery and was right back on the lure.

Lucy coursing at the ASFA II on Saturday.  Unfortunately she gets going so fast that when the lure turns she over shoots it.  Thankfully she is very quick at recovering and getting right back on the lure

Lucy kicking in the speed!

Lucy gets going to fast sometimes that when the lure turns she overshoots it.  Thankfully she's able to recover quickly and get right back on it.

Lucy has a very flexible topline.  Look how far forward that  back foot is!!

Lucy on the right at the starting line telling me to hurry up so she can get the "bunnies".  Her sister Daria (CH Jedawn's Show Them No Mercy, SC) is to the left.

Lucy coursing at the ASFA II 2012.  She is one fast little girl!

Lucy finished the #2 AKC Lure Coursing Borzoi for 2011, and also the #4 LGRA Racing Borzoi for 2011.  She is a very fast phenominal runner!

Lucy did it!!  We went to the AKC National Lure Coursing Championship on December 3rd and 4th where Lucy went Best of Breed on Sunday!  She then went on to win Best of the Best of the Best of Breeds in a run off between Saturday's Best of Breed winner and the next highest scoring hound!  Lucy took home the BIG Bronze Borzoi Perpetual Trophy for the year, where her name will be forever engraved on it as the winner for 2011.  She was also the highest combined score (Saturday and Sunday) for Borzoi.  We are so proud of our girl!   The icing on the cake though, was that we also won Breeder Stakes for both days, as 1/2 sisters Lucy and Danika combined their scores together for Jedawn Kennels!

The bronze Borzoi perpetual trophy Lucy won at the AKC National Lure Coursing Championship!!  She will have her name forever engraved on it as the winner for 2011!

Lucy is a new Racing Champion and new AKC Lure Coursing Champion - all in October!  She finished her lure coursing championship with 4 Majors (a 5 point major, two 4 point majors and a 3 point major)!!

I love this photo of Lucy going for the lure!

This girl has incredible tuck up while running.  Her front leg is all the way at her rear and her rear leg is all the way at her front!

Lucy is the one standing on her hind legs being very enthusiastic at the start line

She's still waiting for the Tally Ho and wants me to desperately let go

Still in the pink blanket the huntmaster finally said Tally Ho and I can let her go.  It's all I can do to hang on to her at the start line.  She's very strong and vocal. 

Lucy going in to the turn  Turn picture 1

Turn picture 2

Turn picture 3

And she's off

6-4-11  Lucy gets her 3rd AKC coursing major in Arkansas!!  She now only needs 2 more points to finish her AKC Field Championship!!

5-22-11  Lucy gets her 2nd AKC coursing major in Indiana and goes BOB! 

5-8-11  Lucy goes AKC lure coursing and wins a 5 point major and BOB!!  She is also major pointed in the show ring her first and only time at a all breed show, and is only 1 point away from her racing championship!!  We have high hopes for this little 20 month old girl!

Lucy decided to blow her coat right before nationals, but we showed her anyway.  She came in 3rd in her Futurity class.  Lucy will also start coursing the end of this month.  Pictures to come soon.

** 11-20-10  Lucy just went to her very first show (entered Saturday only to break her in gently) and she came away with the major in bitches, went BOW and BOB!!**

10-10  Lucy goes racing for the first time and does well, earning points toward her racing championship!

Lucy is a very sweet girl with an outgoing temperament.  She has nice bone, rib spring, nice topline, pretty head, dark eye and dark pigment and is very clean coming and going with nice sidegait.  She is pictured below at 11 months old. 

Lucy is pictured here at 11 months old after blowing all of her beautiful puppy coat.